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21 Men Who Were Miserable While Shopping During The Holidays (Photos)



“Men hate shopping”– along with, “You ever notice the differences between ethnic groups?” and “Women. Am I right, guys?”– is the basis of the kind of joke you’d expect to hear at an open mic in a depressing basement, but that doesn’t mean it’s not based in reality.

There are definitely guys out there who love to spend their days browsing the shelves at Pier 1 Imports and Bed, Bath and Beyond, but there are also a few (myself included) who find that prospect about as enjoyable as removing the hair from our genitals with hot wax and pieces of paper.

The Instagram account Miserable Men has been documenting guys shopping who’d rather be anywhere else. With the holiday season just winding down, there was no shortage of shots featuring defeated boyfriends and husbands desperately trying to hang on to their sanity.

As long as the pictures don’t trigger the previously suppressed memory of the time you had to sit alone in the middle of a lingerie store for 20 minutes, you should be able to find them pretty entertaining.

There’s no generation gap when it comes to the eternal misery of mall shopping.

This is the official outfit of giving up on everything.

Now they just need to invent one that massages away your emotional pain.

“You want me to smile? Why would I smile at a time like this?”

The 1,000-Yard Stare.

I call this one “The Wheel of Misfortune.”

There’s really no way for his girlfriend to make up for this. Wow. Great pun.

This is art.

A shopping veteran always comes prepared.

You just know his kids woke him up two seconds after this was taken.

I assume he’s contemplating the sweet release of death.

Even John Cena holds his girlfriend’s purse every once in a while.

Someone should take away that belt before he tries to choke himself with it.

This is what accepting your fate looks like, and it does not look good.

The universal position of “I Gave Up Years Ago.”

An oasis in an endless desert.

He dropped his dignity back in Women’s Shoes.

Might as well get comfortable.

Surrounded by the enemy. No way to escape. Welcome to Hell.

There comes a point when even acting like you care requires too much effort.

The holidays are overrated.

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