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An Illustrator Reveals The Truth Behind London’s Most Popular Boroughs


1. Islington.

On Market Days browsing the antiques and collectibles of Camden Passage is a heartening shopping experience. On non market days it’s just a back alley for rich people.


2. Tower Hamlets.

Early on, Columbia Road flower market is pleasantly full of good-looking people sipping flat whites and buying banana plants. After brunch o’clock, though, haggard hipsters with hangovers descend in hordes and it’s an unbearable deadlock of snapbacks and plaid.


3. Southwark.

Now that social media have taken over all of our lives, charming foodie havens like Borough Market are packed with people putting filters on sausage rolls and sharing everything, all the time.


4. Lambeth.

Brixton Market is a proper market that will meet all of your yam, goat feet and marijuana needs. Now though, thanks to something to do with house prices and Brixton Village superfan Jay Rayner, it’s all gone a bit Life & Style.


5. Hackney.

This is Shoreditch, where the Urban Outfitters end of hipsterville rubs up against the Big Nights Out of non-ironic lads and hen dos. Go there after dark to see the Human Zoo at its most depraved.


6. Westminster.

Trafalgar Square is a great reminder of the splendour of Ceremonial London. Often though you visit and there are speakers and Jumbo-screens right in the middle of it for some terrible “event” like a half-marathon or National Mushroom Day or “Christmas”.


7. Greenwich.

Greenwich is a prized for it’s non-London village vibe, Georgian architecture and Naval History… and it is great. Villages are terribly dull though of course, and sadly neither elaborate cornices nor old boats are classic Night Life ingredients.


8. Hammersmith & Fulham.

Looking across the river by Hammersmith Bridge makes for one of London’ most pleasant drinking spots… as long as the sun is out. Otherwise it’s a bit grim.


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