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Bridesmaids Reveal The Crazy, Dramatic Reasons They Got Fired From The Bridal Party


If you think that once youve been deemeda bridesmaid, youll hold on to that title until the day of the wedding,well, you are so very wrong.

Being a bridesmaid actually puts you in probationary period where, at anytime, a bride can utter Donald Trumps infamous words: Youre fired.

Think thats the kind of thing that only happens in movies like Bride Wars? Think again. It happens in real life quite often.

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Check out why these six bridesmaids got fired from their friends bridal parties:

1. I would not buy the dress.

I refused to spend $350 on a bridesmaid dress Id never wear again, plus thealterations.

I said no, and the bride said that if I didnt buy it, I couldnt be a bridesmaid. I said Bye, Felicia. Her name is not Felicia, but I said it for dramatic effect. Im no longer even going to the wedding.

Crystal D., 23

2. I refused to spend money on everything.

All the bridesmaids were complaining about how much everything cost. I stood up for all of them by going up to the bride and saying she needs to stop making us spend almost $2,000 per personon her wedding.

She told me I was rude and shouldnt create drama. She thought I was the one getting the bridesmaids to hate her, but trust me, she was doing that herself.

She kicked me out of the bridal party, and we havent spoken in months. Her wedding is in October, and IDK if Ill go.

Lindsay S., 25

3. I was too busy.

My friends wedding was during tax season, and Im an accountant. I was so busy that I could barely find the time to go grocery shopping during the week, let alone do conference calls where I was talking to the other bridesmaids about stupid things.

I ghosted completely and just focused on my job during tax season. But the bride got PISSED off and texted me saying I was a bad friend and that shed like me to step down as a bridesmaid. Step down to what? A friend? A wedding guest? Great, sounds good to me.

Sari D., 31

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4. She was jealous of my wedding.

I got engaged a month after my good friend did. So while she was planning her wedding, I was planning mine. Andthat caused a ton of drama and jealously on her behalf.

When I went to pick bridesmaids, I decided only to pickmy sisters. The bride friend got so mad at me. She said I could no longer be her bridesmaid because I wasnt hers.

She became a jealous, raging lunatic just because I was engaged, too. Were not friends anymore, and Im not going to her wedding in May.

Andie L., 27

5. I got too rowdy at the bachelorette party.

Lets just say I got kicked out of two clubs, puked in a taxi and hooked up with a random guy, all on one night of my friends bachelorette party.

She was so upset with me and sat me down to say she was worried Id ruin her wedding and embarrass her, so she said I couldnt be a bridesmaid. Im still going as a guest and will still get drunk and rowdy.

Jackie O., 22

6. I never answered the group chat.

I muted the group chat and apparently missed out on a lot of conversations that were important. The bride thought that meant I didnt care.

It was a total miscommunication that resulted in me not being a bridesmaid or her friend anymore. So stupid.

Mary Anne L., 29

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