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5 Best Places in Madrid for Shopping


If you are planning a trip to Madrid with your best girlfriends you have a lot to choose from. Madrid is by far the best city for fashion in Spain, and you have something for every budget and every sense of style. Here are a few of my favorite shopping spots when I stop by Madrid every year.

Fuencarral – This shopping district is great if you are looking for a uniquely Spanish shopping experience. It tends to mix well-known accessible brands like Diesel and Levi’s with many local, smaller designers. Looking for something unique to bring home? Go here. Or hit the market, where you can check out some even smaller designers or find some used outfits. If you cannot afford the designer brands, you should consider hitting this part of town instead.

Malasana – Do you love vintage? If so, you should visit this part of town. There are a ton of well-known vintage clothing stores coupled with a few local designers, and small shops selling recycled clothing. The district tends to attract n alternative artist crowd, so you might also want to grab a cup of coffee here or a beer. This is also the heart of Madrid’s literary community, so you can hit up some of the vintage clothing stores as well while there.

Calle de Serrano – Is money not an issue for your shopping? If not, you need to stop at this high-end fashion district that showcases Spanish fashion designers. Of course, you have the usual suspects like Armani and Gucci, but you will also find Carolina Herrera, and of course the flagship Zara store. Grab a gourmet lunch when your feet get tired of shopping. This is also the place to pick up some jewelry to go with your designer purchases.

Plaza Mayor – Looking to pick up some classic, traditional Spanish wear, this is the neighborhood for you. You can get a hand cobbled pair of shoes, a handmade Spanish hat or even a flamenco dress if you have a ballroom dancing competition in your near future. Even if you have no need for such items, this is a great place to do some sightseeing and round off your shopping trip with a traditional Spanish dinner.

Principe de Vergara – Looking for a less touristy shopping experience, this is one of the biggest shopping streets in Madrid and where the locals tend to shop. You will mostly find Spanish chain shops, but if you don’t spend a lot of time in Spain these shops will be new for you.