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Amazon launches car database for comparison shopping


Amazon wants to help you shop for a car, but not buy one.
Image: pradeep gaur/mint via Getty Images

Amazon still won’t sell you a car, but it wants to help you comparison shop for one.

The e-commerce giant this week launched Amazon Vehicles, a database to research cars by make, model, year, features and many more parameters.

Amazon Vehicles’ homepage.

Image: screenshot/amazon

Users can leave reviews of cars and pretty much shop around like they would on any other section of Amazon’s site. They just can’t buy anything.

Amazon already has Amazon Automotive for car parts and accessories, and Amazon Garage, where users can save their own cars to make finding parts easier.

Amazon’s comparison shopping for cars.

Image: screenshot/amazon

It seems Amazon is hoping the new offering will keep customers within Amazon as they research cars and parts, rather than sending them outside to comparison shop.

If Amazon can become its own Cars.com, it’ll be on its way to becoming a major player in the consumer automotive industry, too.

Cars remain among the few things that Amazon does not sell. Starting as a bookseller, the company now offers a vast array of goods and has been pushing into entertainment with its Amazon Prime Video and music offerings.

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