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Google Says Birkenstocks Are Winning Back-To-School Shopping Right Now


If youre looking to step up your style game this fall semester, look no further.

Google used search engine data and YouTube traffic to compile a list of the hottest back-to-school items, and some of this years trends might seriously surprise you.

Apparently, kids are pretty into bougie backpacks and fugly footwear these days.

Yep, it seems that Birkenstocks have been resurrected from the style grave and now occupy a top spot on Googles trend list.

In fact, Birks are so popular this year, they even managed to beat out Kanyes infamous Yeezy Boost shoes from Adidas and Stephen Currys signature kicks, the Under Armour Curry.

As far as bags are concerned, it appears specialty backpacks are definitely a must-have item for returning students, and Google found that Pink, Victoria Secrets campus brand, was the most popular backpack brand of the bunch.

Spraygrounds boldly designed book bags scored the number two spot in the back-to-school backpack game, followed by other trendy brands like Kavu and Fjallraven.

If youre one of the many people obsessed with Pokmon Go, youll be glad to know that backpacks covered in these cute characters are also a top contender in the fall fashion game.

So, there you have it. I guess all you need to be on trend this fall are some sandals from the 60s and a basic AF backpack.

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