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Marines Proud Dad Goes Shopping, Returns To Find Obscene Note About His Son On Car


Any relativeof someonein the military takes pride in knowing that people all over the country respect the sacrifice that serving our country requires. It’s comforting for them to know that whether their son, daughter, sibling, or parent lives or dies in combat, they will be treated appropriately by the citizens whose freedom they defend.

Lewis and Tami Alexander’s son, a Marine, went overseas to serve. They are extremely proud of him, and have stickers on their car to show their support forhim and all Marines.

The proud dadwent shopping one day. When he returned to his car, he was stunned speechless by a note left on the windshield.

It was a nasty and hateful note, using obscene language to insult the soldier and his parents. Lewis couldn’t believe his eyes: How evil could this stranger be?

Itcursed him and his son, then read, “I hope he dies.”

The father broke down, and even called the police. While the police said that leaving the note wasn’t a crime, they posted it on their Facebook to show support for the devastated parents, their son, and all men and women in the military.

Following the post, thousands commented on and shared the vulgar note, denouncing the author and leaving words of encouragement for the Alexanders.

Although the note was surely not called for, the family takes comfort in knowing that this is but one person in a sea of people who truly believe in their son’s sacrifice.

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