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Mom Is Shopping With Son, Then Someone Leaves A Nasty Note About Him In Her Cart


Brittany Miller and her 6-year-old son Granderson were out grocery shopping one day. She could not believe it when she turned her head for a split second and found a nasty note in her cart.

I turn around and Im talking to my son. I was helping him fix his shoe. I turn back around and theres a note on top of my bags, Miller explained.

The note referred to Granderson: “Buy that kid a muzzle.”

Granderson has autism and is very passionate about fire alarms. He makes models of them, collects them, and imitates their noises. He does it to cope with other loud noises or just to play.

Autism or no, it’s not too unusual to hear a 6-year-old making noises, which makes the note even more shocking. Brittany shared her story with News 8 because she wants other adults to know there are kids with autism out there who can’t help but make a little noise.

I hope the next time [they] encounter a child thats different, I hope [they] take into consideration that [they] dont know anything about this person and they dont have to be different on the outside to be different on the inside,” the mother said.

Brittany is proud of her son and his passion to learn about his interests. She hopes that by sharing her story others will learn to be a little more empathetic.

What do you think? It sounds like the Millers handled the situation with grace.

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