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Mom Sits Her Son In A Shopping Cart, The Next Day He Has A Fever Of 103 Degrees


Vivienne Wardrop was mortified when one shopping trip turned into a 10-day hospital stay for her baby boy, Logan. Wardrop believes that it was the shopping cart seat that caused her son to become seriously ill.

I hadnt been anywhere with him in a week, so doctors advised thats the only place he could have got it,” Wardrop told The Goldcoast Bulletin.

The day after the shopping trip, her was was unbelievable ill.

He had diarrhea everywhere, she said. I was trying to give him a bottle and he was vomiting.

When she first took Logan to the doctor they recommended rest and fluids, but the next day he was still severely ill.

After a series of blood tests Logan was diagnosed withadenovirus, rotavirus, salmonella poisoning and meningitis. The signs of meningitis are different in adults and children, please read this list on how to spot the 8 lifesaving signs of meningitis in kids.

Fortunately, Logan is on the road to recovery after nearly two weeks in the hospital.

Wardrop believes the shopping cart is the source because it was the only place she had taken her son in a week. See more of this mother’s heartbreaking story below.


Just wanted to warn parents against using baby seats in trolley [or shopping cart] without wiping down or using a blanket.”


Didn’t even think about it just popped him in and did a quick shop. I hadn’t been anywhere with him in a week so doctors advised only place he could of gotten it.”


My 10 month old woke up the next morning so sick. Took him to hospital and he ended up in intensive care for 8 days. He ended up catching adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonella poisoning and got meningitis because of the strain on his body.”


Ended up with a central line as his veins were collapsing due to severe dehydration.He was in hospital for a total of 10 days and will still take another week or 2 to fully recover.So please be careful I never thought something like this could happen.”


According to the Center for Disease Control, newborns and babies are at a greater risk of contracting meningitis.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever, headache, and neck stiffness
  • Babies may be irritable, feeding poorly, or inactive
  • Parents should be on the look out for soft spots in the skull

Bacterial meningitis is spread from person to person but some strains can be contracted from a surface.

When using shopping carts be sure to disinfect the area using an antibacterial wipe before seating your child or opt to carry them instead.

To lean more about meningitis please see the video below.

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