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ZAFUL.com Online Shopping Product Review


Zaful Review:
Hey Everyone! My name is Setareh, I’m 6 months pregnant {at the time of this video} and in search of cute and affordable “maternity-wear” fashion. Now I will say that Zaful isn’t a maternity wear website they did have quite a few options available that appear to have room for growing and a softer, flowy look which is one of the reasons why I checked out their site.

As I mentioned in the video I watched quite a few reviews on YouTube as well as did some research online about this company. Since their prices were cheap I went ahead and placed an order for a few items to test out my experience. Here are the items I purchased, received and reviewed:
– Chain Design Openwork Necklace:

– Lace Spliced Open Back Maxi Dress:

– Solid Color Backless Maxi Sundress:

– Spaghetti Strap Loose-Fitting Maxi Dress:

– Floral Pattern Lace Splicing Sleeveless Maxi Dress:

After trying on all the items here are my final thoughts…
– Chain Design Openwork Necklace: Not disappointed at all and excited to wear this with both the items I purchased as well as other pairings in my closet

– Lace Spliced Open Back Maxi Dress: After trying it on I noticed that the seam was coming apart between the lace ruffle and waistline of the dress, a simple fix nonetheless but I’m going to have to do some work on it before I’m able to wear it. Also there isn’t much support up top so I might even sew in some binding or fabric that will have a better grip along with possibly adding additional straps to stay on so I don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. I mentioned this dress is sheer however if you’re wearing it for an evening event that won’t have a direct spotlight on you then you should be fine without a slip under but daytime will more than likely need one.

– Solid Color Backless Maxi Sundress: Not much I can say about this dress as its quite basic. Its not flattering for the body because it doesn’t have shape but I think its going to be great for the remainder of my pregnancy.

– Spaghetti Strap Loose-Fitting Maxi Dress: Definitely did NOT meet my expectations. The website stated “floor length” for this item however it only goes just past my knees about upper calf length and I am 5’8” tall. Also because of the pockets if your hands aren’t in them all the time like they are in the websites photos online then it looks like you have MAJOR saddlebags for hips. However I will say that this dress is going to be perfect for post-delivery since its easy to wear around the house and has those pockets that I can just slip things in like my phone when I’m walking around with my hands full carrying the baby. Not quite the reason why I wanted this dress but I am determined to make it work for something.

– Floral Pattern Lace Splicing Sleeveless Maxi Dress: This one makes me sad because it is a pretty and simple detailed gown however the bust area does not fit to save my life. All of the dresses I ordered were a size large and mind you even if I wasn’t pregnant I don’t know that this would have fit me {naturally a 34D, pre-pregnancy} so please keep that in mind and I will include a note of that in my review on their website. Aside from that the length was great and although the fabric was a cheaper quality it appeared to be nicely constructed.

In my honest opinion this will probably be the first and last time that I order clothing from here just because it is so unexpected what you may actually receive. I do mention about my advice for shipping which was a great experience since I received my items with a pretty quick turnaround time. Hope this review has helped you in deciding whether or not to purchase from Zaful. Thank you so much for watching! ?

FTC: I am not affiliated with nor am I being compensated by the mentioned company in this video. Views and opinions expressed are my own.