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I missed the Rose Bowl Flea this month (it only happens once per month) so to get my Pasadena vintage fix this weekend Jason and I went antiquing there. We’re on the hunt for a few things for our garage remodel (more on that soon) and there were quite a few antique shops I’d never been to out there and I wanted to check out. Our first stop was the Pasadena Architectural Salvage where these candy-colored bathroom accoutrement stole my heart. I think we need to bring COLOR back to the bathroom, huh? Why must toilets always be white nowadays? I LOVE the burgundy one — and while I have no more bathrooms to remodel in my current abode, you better believe next time I get to remodel a bathroom I’m gonna be on the hunt for that burgundy toilette, sink and soap dispenser. Ha!

Love these old-school marble vanities too, so pretty huh?

Our next stop was East Colorado Antiques. They are having a moving sale so everything was on sale, albeit still pretty pricey. I just adore these deco club chairs. I can imagined them reupholstered in a velvety fabric in jewel tones– can you picture it?

After that we moseyed over to Fair Oaks Blvd., to an area often referred to as ‘Antique Row’ in Pasadena. There were so many gorgeous pieces — again, not cheap, but the Rose Bowl flea is no longer cheap either — and I think in general, at least in L.A., it’s almost impossible to find good, old things that also have a affordable price tag.

This architectural pottery is so good, isn’t it? I would love to twinkle my nose and have this whole collection.

Come to me old mosaic fountain!!

How sexy is this indoor lounge chair? These next photos are all from The Pasadena Antique Center and Annex on Fair Oaks.

Loved this stencil wall treatment.

I have thing for African masks and I fell in love with this one–love the expression on the face and all those cowrie shells! The raffia at the end of the ‘hat’ gets me!!

Pretty vignette! Digging on the ‘Z’ lamp!

Gotta have a close-up of this ottoman. Love the fabric on it! Does anyone know anything about it or where it’s from?

I found the treatment on this side table super inspiring!

I LOVED this painting. I couldn’t figure out how much it cost — but probably better that way. I don’t have a place for it but I just LOVE it.

This table got me thinking about putting scalloped edges on EVERYTHING! Any of y’all local Jungalistas hit up the antique shops in Pasadena? Which are your faves? Did we miss any good ones? Dish!!

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2 responses to “Antique Shopping in Pasadena”

Jessica Reid says:

Love this post! I can feel the joy! I think the fabric is vintage Baule cloth from the Ivory Coast as I have seen similar 😍.

Do you ever go to deceased estate sales? That might be a way to get great deals and let the goodies ‘live’ on?


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