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January 2019 Airline Shopping Portal Bonus


Alaska, American, and United Airlines all allow you to earn bonus points via online shopping portals.  And, right now you can earn a nice bonus!  So, let’s take a look at the January 2019 airline shopping portal bonus.

If you didn’t already know, airline shopping portals offer a great way to earn additional bonus miles.  This is doubly true when you can snag increased earning rates and bonuses.  Heck, I received 357 Alaska Miles last month when I bought a $35.70 pair of jeans for Levi’s!  

January 2019 Bonus

While earning rates from individual merchants varies across all three portals, the New Year’s bonus is the same with all.  And that bonus is 500 bonus miles for spending $150 or 1,000 miles for spending $300.  This spend needs to occur during the promotional period, which runs from January 2 to January 10, 2019.  

January 2019 Airline Shopping Portal Bonus

At the moment, you can earn 6 miles per dollar at Macy’s through the Alaska portal.  So, if you spend $300 with Macy’s during this time, you’d earn 1,900 Alaska Miles.  That’s not a lot of miles overall, but when you break it down on a per dollar basis, that’s 6.3 miles per dollar!  Put the spend on your Alaska Air Visa Signature card, and that total rises to 2,200 miles or 7.3 miles per dollar.  

January 2019 Airline Shopping Portal Bonus, Final Thoughts

Again, you aren’t going to earn a ton of miles with this promotion, but American and Alaska Miles aren’t the easiest to come by.  After all, you can’t transfer points to either of these programs from a credit card program.  So, outside of taking a flight, these portals offer the best opportunity to earn additional miles with American and Alaska Air.  

Personally, I probably won’t go for the bonus.  I do not need to spend this kind of money with any of these retailers at this time.  But if you do need to spend this kind of money with these retailers, it’s a great way to give yourself a little mileage boost.  And, I probably will make a small purchase via the AAdvantage Shopping Portal to keep my account active so my miles don’t expire.  But, usually I shop through the Alaska Air or Chase portals.  

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