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You’ve been shopping at Aldi all wrong


Ah, the self-returning carts. They’re an iconic part of the Aldi experience. In a world of credit cards and Apple Pay, where cash has become virtually unnecessary in most places, that initial walk from the car to your local Aldi door still brings with it the requirement to somehow dig up a quarter in your purse. Or your wallet? Maybe check under the driver’s seat?

And that’s the problem, right? If you’re trying to be a serious Aldi shopper, you’re going to need a full-size cart to haul away your goodies. But if you can’t find a quarter, you can end up out of luck. That’s why getting an Aldi quarter holder for your key chain can be the right move. It guarantees that as long as you have your keys with you, you won’t have to be that one customer carrying way too many things around in your arms. Plus, having this nifty doohickey dangling from your keys is the perfect way to send the signal to everyone around you that you mean business.

One thing we’ve heard from a lot of different folks is the fact that Aldi may have some great prices but because of the sometimes disheveled open boxes and small selection in the produce section, it doesn’t come across as the kind of place where you should get things like fruits and veggies. But if you push past that initial impression you’ll find that the presentation of an Aldi isn’t an indicator of a lack of quality. It’s simply a direct result of the desire to keep those prices so darn low.

Yes, they tend to stock less overall variety in their produce section, but that comes from a deliberate attempt to not have anything perishable go bad on a regular basis — they’re just stocking what people are buying. A lot of people tend to avoid the fresh produce at Aldi like it’s Walmart quality, but the truth is, it’s just a different, yet well-structured approach to providing fresh fruits and veggies. Those who’ve tried it say it’s good quality, so don’t be afraid to add them onto your list.

While this is true for all meat shopping, at Aldi, in particular, you have to take a few extra steps to deal with your meat during the checkout process. As we’ve already mentioned, the cashier will throw it right back into the cart along with your fresh fruits and veggies after it’s been added to your bill. Gross. Needless to say, this can be really unsanitary, so you’re going to want to try to head things off in a couple of different ways.

First, most Aldis have plastic bags in the meat section. We suggest bagging up your meats with a second layer of protection before checking out. Also, try to sort through your groceries as you put them up on the conveyor belt. It can help to lump the meats together in one spot so that they’ll generally be placed in close proximity to each other once they get into the cart.

Once you’ve gotten through the checkout — and if you’re not already using your nifty cart-attached shopping bags — you may want to consider your options before you commit to muscling your way over to the counter in order to bag everything up. If it’s busy in the store, if you have kids in tow, or if you just don’t feel like handling everything twice, it may be a good idea to take your unbagged groceries right out to the car to load them up properly there. 

This tactic is admittedly a bit weather dependent, but if you’re not dealing with thunderstorms or blizzards, it really can be a game-changer. The bagging and loading process, which is often uber stressful after a full-blown shopping trip, can become a bit of a more tranquil experience when done out in the sunshine rather than trying to squeeze it in in the middle of traffic right next to the busy supermarket exit.




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